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Signs - it is always interesting. Especially the city - always unclear, they arise. One of such places urban legends of the Moscow metro station "Revolution Square", transformed into a modern sanctuary.

At the station, there are 76 sculptures M. Manizer, depicting the Soviet people of different professions. They attract the attention of a million Muscovites and tourists. There is a belief, that if to touch special parts of the statues, then your wish will come true. Only need to know to what parts, but do not despair. If you are first time on this central metro station, you can easily determine cherished part of the sculptures on grated to shine. Naturally, for the effect you need to know the features of each figure. For this, I'll make a small guide.

A dog with a superpower.

Urban legend retold in different versions, therefore understand whose fiction is impossible. You can only highlight, that the story of dog bringing luck in the exam grew into sheer mania and the hunt for the remaining sculptures. Total harassment absolutely to every.

Few people know, but the magic dog is not nameless - its name is Irma. This dog belonged to Alexei Dushkin, architect of staion "Revolution Square". Pedigreed German shepherd as an acquaintance and got on a masterpiece Manizer, which Alex worked on the station. Now Irma fulfills the desires of millions of passengers of the Moscow Metro.

they say, tradition pat the dog's nose began to students BMSTU. they noticed, the dog is very helpful in the exam and absolutely free. You can still be seen, young people tinder sculpture, directed towards "Bauman". And it can save you from bad habits. Immediately warn you, that there is a radical view. Some dog lovers believe, you need not just a dog to stroke, but only a special "dog Bauman" - the 3 carriage from the end away from the center.


  1. Paw rub - a dog will pass the Ladder.
  2. Rub the snout - dog pass the exam for you

Rooster - superhero or villain?

at the station “Revolution square” It has seemingly unremarkable cock. It remains a mystery to all. there is an opinion, that he has a dark force and can ruin your day, so it can not in any case to rub. Also there is an opinion, that it is not so, and to blame just one cock of the four, and other very help. Most Muscovites are not aware of all of this difference in cocks, so it is too much zatort.


  1. Rub cock - increase to the salary.
  2. Rub the wrong cock - it can happen "something terrible".

What else can be rubbed on “Revolution Square”?

  1. Revolver sailor - success in business.
  2. Shoe girls - a successful meeting
  3. What will happen, if polapat chest diskometatelnitse (swimmer breasts are not so popular) - better check yourself! Be sure to write in the comments:)


so, mystery associated with the unknown to ordinary passengers and tourists sculptures.

Code word consists of two responses (writing fused)

  1. Find the most popular dog. On the contrary it will be a sculpture. What is the title of this man?
  2. Find the pioneers with the globe. In what year it was founded the city of modern Russia, which shows a finger pioneer?


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